As a full solutions provider, we've integrated many services that are important to our clients, in house. Our company has taken a lot of care in this integration, complementing our services with knowledgeable and personable staff, ensuring the job is always done right. Our company's various capabilities result in increased productivity and cost effective options for our clients, making the manufacturing process more streamlined.

Machining is our "bread and butter" and its what we do best. Our company is capable of high quality CNC and manual machine work. Operating with Precision At Its Finest as our motto, we take pride in offering the following machining capabilities:
Capable of holding tolerances of +/- .0005" or better. We're no strangers to tight requirements and we ensure the jobs will be done right and on time.
Bring your idea to reality. We're capable of working with ideas that are still in design as well as with models to make "one-offs."
Your part made exactly as you want and need it. We are so confident in our work and equipment that we always welcome custom work.
High quality products begin with high quality raw materials and staff familiar with it. We work with various metals and plastics and can source these for your project. Our company is capable of working with the following materials:
41XX series, 10XX series
300 series, 410, 17-4 PH, 2205 Duplex, 254 SMO
2011, 2017, 2024, 6061, 7075
Inconel® 718, Inconel® 625, Inconel® 600, Monel® K-500, Colmonoy® 40, Colmonoy® 63
Stellite® 6, Stellite® 3, Stellite® 12, Stellite® 21
Delrin®, PVC, PEEK, Arlon® 1000, Arlon® 1160, Arlon® 1260, Arlon® 2000, 10% Moly, 5% Graphite PTFE
capabilities -coating
We understand that your parts may require certain functional or aesthetic finishes. Our company is capable of handling this task per your requirements. We are proud to have the capability to complete certain coatings in house, reducing turn around time. Certain coatings and finishes are completed through our reputable, quality-tested vendors. Coatings and finishes we commonly perform include:

Black Oxide*

*Black Oxide and Phosphate coatings are completed in-house.

Save time and money-make us your logistics partner. Often, turn around time to your customers can be delayed when awaiting parts from your manufacturer. Our staff will handle all of the details of getting finished parts to your customers, along with any of your branded paperwork and materials. We offer drop shipping services including:
Complete packaging of your parts, per your specifications. Including freight, bagging and boxing.
Include your company's invoice and any supporting material. We'll also use any custom packaging materials your customers are already familiar with. To your customer, it is a completely transparent process.
Use your preferred carrier or allow us to suggest one - we coordinate all shipping of your parts to their final destination.